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I met Lee Evans while on a plane this July; he was sat right in front of me.
Started chatting as the miles flew past us, and promised me a photo before our paths would separate.
Getting off the plane and to the baggage claim was great cuz he waited up and we made the journey together, chatting about what I did and stuff. SUCH a nice guy!
Got plenty of photos in the end and with a final handshake and wave, we strolled on out of the airport and separated, him heading towards the carpark, me towards the coach stop to carry on with my journey..... Great experience, also because I had seen him perform at the theatre just a few days prior our councidental flight towards the same destination![Error: unknown template qotd]
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Probably smell ... losing touch would be a damn shame, losing taste could be dangerous to your taste buds if you can't tell whether what you're eating is too salty or sweet for your organism.

I would HATE to lose either sight or sound. First because without sight I wouldn't be able to look at the world anymore, nor enjoy its beauties (*drools thinking about RDJ*). Second, sound, I love music and could not bear to live in a silent, silent world with only my voice sounding in my head to keep me company.

So it's probably smell ... even if I couldn't smell anything anymore, I would still keep my eyes and my ears - and I could be happy with that.

Reading eyeglasses and eye chart Stock Photo - 9384065

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beautiful young girl lying in a sunset marguerite meadow Stock Photo - 7365973

Going for a walk, everywhere and anywhere. My iPod is on, the music shapes and shadows my every step ... there are very few better feelings in the world to me than this. Pure magic.


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Any new memories I could possibly make would not be as significant or as good as the ones I have of my past, and the people who were a part of it. So I would definitely choose to never be able to make new ones.

Young girl walking with balloons in wheat field. Stock Photo - 7416495

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Definitely House, haven't watched it regularly since season 6-ish ... what a TRAVESTY it has become!! They should just cancel it, not because H.Laurie himself is not talented - he IS - but the character has been through every and any worst things imaginable and is never going to change. I think he's given as much as he could give, and now needs. to. Quit.

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If everybody lies, why does my being a doctor make you think I won't??
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I also know French and I'm a native Italian speaker,so that's two languages, plus English.

Think I'd like to learn Spanish, Japanese and possibly Russian.

One really weird/unusual one is Swahili, I quite like the phonology of the words, they sound very pretty :)
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Older seasons Grey's Anatomy: most prob Bailey for her kick-ass authority with just about anyone, as well as he caring heart and brilliance at her job, but I suppose a mix between Meredith's twistiness, Christina's snark/drive for success wouldn't be bad. :)

<----- fave GA character! ;)


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