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To: [ profile] marienomad

Wishing you a happy birthday ...

From Vespertine :)

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I'm on a roll today.


This, like many others, came - literally dropped - out of nowhere.

For THE first IM fic I ever wrote - but have never thus far published.

It's as of now titled 'ABANDONMENT', which might change in the very near future, or it might not.
In dire need of a beta, for anyone interested, btw.

After the "Dummy trailing the happy couple and taking pictures of them" piece, here is the most emotional piece I have probably done - but then, the fic it pairs is pretty angsty, dealing with very painful issues - hence the title - and generally packed with desolation, anger, resentment, shattered hopes and dreams ... life.

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I just couldn't resist making something else.
I just look at them, and sometimes pushing wonderful images of them together to the back of my brain is just not possible...

This one is by far the fluffiest, cutest one I've ever made. Looking at it makes me *squeeee*with happiness!

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Sometimes I surprise myself; I honestly haven't a clue where this idea, of Dummy taking photos of them, actually came from.
Oh, what mysteries the dark meanders of my mind hold! :D

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Photos taken recently during his vacation with pregnant wife Susan Levin in Kauai, Hawaii - and this photo was too cute not to post!!

Ducky in his natural habitat, wearing his Ducky!pout, paddling the water with his Ducky!feet - obsessed? ME? You have no idea!


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