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Once again, inspiration has struck, and quite out of nowhere, too.

Had quite a few problems posting chapter three of 'The ghost of you' over at LJ, seemed that the entry could not be posted because it was "too big". So basically I had to divide the chapter into two instalments and post it like that, because there just seemed to be no other way - go figure. Anyway here's to hoping the same doesn't happen here, because if it does: major disappointment.
For those of you who are familiar with my writing, or just a tiny bit familiar with me, will know how much I dislike the thought of breaking up story flow because of some stupid website impediment.

And now that I've done my ranting, on to the show; hope it entertains you. Please R&R!

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Rating: R (eventually)

Characters: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, eventually Tony/Pepper
Summary: After Tony is kidnapped in Afghanistan, Pepper has an epic realisation: she is madly and irrevocably in love with her boss. And it will be thanks to that love, with some help from a little bit of magic, that will allow the two to form a bond, despite the thousands of miles that separate them. After all, love and a dash of magic can conquer anything, right?
Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me, except for all and any OC's. I am not legally authorised to borrow what belongs to the likes of MARVEL and such, I am simply borrowing them out of fun, and am not making a profit from this activity whatsoever. Except for reviews; that's plenty 'profit' for me! ;) Also, songs are duly credited, if somewhat slightly edited to suit my own purposes;
 I claim no ownership rights over those either, just a lot of inspiration.

CHAPTER ONE: (I will follow you) into the dark
Chapter one here )

CHAPTER TWO: In absentia 

Chapter two here )

CHAPTER THREE: First contact
Chapter three here )


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Title: THE GHOST OF YOU (Part 1/?)
By: [ profile] vespertinesoul
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/angst
Characters: Tony/Pepper
Summary: Sometimes I felt you; sometimes, 
I could feel your presence. Once, I heard your voice ... it called me back. Once, I felt your hand on me. It was so warm. I could feel you. I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Disclaimer: The characters themselves, except for all and any OCs, are not my property. I am not borrowing them under legal authorisation by concerning parties, like MARVEL, but simply out of fun - there is no profit involved. There WILL be much enjoyment, though.
AN: I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I *had* to write something else. And this seemed like the next best thing, since it's been lying around, inert, in my head. Pepperony has officially taken me over. The song is duly credited, but I did alter it slightly for artistic license purposes. And once more, LJcuts are annoying the hell out of me!!
Banner by me; see it here.

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 <--by dennis_csi - this is WUV.

Not a bad way to end a day that started out real bad, being caught out in a suden summer STORM without an umbrella as I was making my way to a uni 9am exam. The day improved because, though I had to make a sudden stop in one of the shops - or risk getting *showered* - when I finally arrived, I was yes, very soaked and practically dripping, but so was everyone else - and the professor only arrived almost 1hr later than the start of the exam - it was all good.

Then I get frustrated with LJcuts, as usual, and the formatting and them not working properly once the entry is posted --- I HATE them!

On the plus side, new IM fic posted - yay! - I'm loving this period of creativity I'm going through, hope it lasts. Also made a banner to go with it, of course - they are both my obsession now.

Along with the Pepperony fandom - and RDJ himself, my own
Smoulderific!genius *cuddles pic*

As far as I'm concerned, he deserves all the credit he can get; MOVE OVER Pitt, Depp, Clooney and the Gang - you only *wish* you lot had half the talent this guy has, or the natural charm and wittiness!

Getting things off my chest here on LJ is decidedly therapeutic, I cannot regret opening an account, after looking at the network for years, wondering what all the fuss was about, and how it worked. Some much welcome change in my life.

And now I'm off to do that which most people should be doing at 0.28am with another uni exam at 11am next morning - or later that morning - which is to sleep.

Would like to thank Nani1986, for her warm, enthusiastic support - a wonderful highlight of any of my days; a great friend. Thank you Nani, for your support and encouragement: if it wasn't for you, some of this stuff wouldn't have made it this far. I'm very grateful. *hugs*


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